Devotional music being played at a cricket ground is a rarity but when South African spinner Keshav Maharaj arrives to bat,

The in-stadia DJ gets a special request to play one song: "Ram Siya Ram Jai Jai Ram." 

In one recent match during the recent ODI series in South Africa, Indian wicketkeeper KL Rahul asked him: 'Every time you enter, they play that song". 

During the Test series, which ended in a 1-1 draw, the song was played during when Maharaj came to the crease. 

On that occasion, Virat Kohli joined his hands together when the song played and posed as if he pulled a bow string. The video had gone viral on social media. 

Keshav Maharaj regards the 'Ram Siya Ram' song as a mark of his devotion to Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram. 

"That is my entrance song. I am a devotee of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram so I think it is a fitting song," said Maharaj. 

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