The whole thing started during a random game for retired cricket players in Surat. During the game, Sreesanth says Gambhir called him a "fixer." 

Sreesanth vs Gautam Gambhir Fight

In 2013, Sreesanth was accused of being involved with illegal gambling in the IPL. He was banned from cricket for life by the BCCI, but later cleared by a court. 

Feeling angry, Sreesanth decided to post on social media. He challenged Gambhir by asking, "Do you think you are above the law?" He also criticized Gambhir by calling him arrogant and lacking class. 

At the same time, Gambhir posted a smiling picture with a short, philosophical message for those who crave attention. It was just another day in the digital world, where everyone is trying to get noticed. 

Sreesanth, like others who faced similar accusations, learned this week that the stigma of being involved in match-fixing is difficult, if not impossible, to completely erase.