After 35 innings in Test cricket, Shubman Gill had fewer runs (994) than Ravichandran Ashwin had in the format at the same juncture 1006. 

In both the innings of the Boxing Day Test, the India number three had been removed cheaply (2 and 26), adding to his poor run in the format. 

While 2023 saw Gill amass an average of 63.36 from 26 innings, in 10 Test cricket innings his tally remains at 28.66.  

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar tried to make sense of the contrasting set of performances.

“I think he is playing a bit too aggressively in Test cricket. There is a slight difference when you play Test cricket vs T20I and ODI cricket.  

The difference is in the ball. The red ball moves a little more than the white ball in the air and off the pitch as well. 

It bounces a little more too. He should keep that in mind,” Gavaskar told Star Sports.  

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