Trevor Bailey (England): Known for his defensive style, Bailey played one of the slowest innings in Test history, facing 345 balls for 68 runs against Australia in 1953.

 Geoff Allott (New Zealand): The Kiwi fast bowler turned in a remarkable display of resilience, batting for 101 minutes to score just one run against South Africa in 1999.

 Geoff Arnold (England): In 1973, Arnold faced 97 balls for his unbeaten score of 1 run against West Indies, showcasing a remarkable level of defensive play.

Chris Tavare (England): Tavare's patient approach was evident in his 1979 innings against Pakistan, where he batted for 513 minutes to score 35 runs off 137 balls.

 Geoff Humpage (England): Humpage's innings against West Indies in 1981 lasted 77 overs, facing 222 balls for his 65 runs, reflecting a cautious and defensive style.

Bill Woodfull (Australia): Woodfull's 81-run innings against England in 1938 took 462 minutes, symbolizing a Test cricket era characterized by deliberate and steady batting.

Sunil Gavaskar (India): Despite his reputation as an attacking batsman, Gavaskar played a slow innings against England in 1975, facing 101 balls for 36 runs in 174 minutes.

 Rahul Dravid (India): In 2011, Dravid faced 343 balls for his 68 runs against England, showcasing his ability to grind down the opposition with his defensive technique.

Ken Barrington (England): Barrington's 256-ball innings for 10 runs against Australia in 1962 exemplified his resilience and defensive prowess in challenging conditions.

Bob Cowper (Australia): Cowper's slowest Test innings came in 1968 against England, facing 239 balls for his 55 runs, emphasizing a measured and patient approach.

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